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UBER to the Pits Podcast


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UBER to the Pits is a podcast following my journey from driving UBER full time to getting back into the pits racing full time. I am going to have special guest interviews with current racecar drivers,  team owners, team principals, past drivers, series officials, and even different marketing professionals from companies discussing the sponsorship importance for brands. Our goal is to also create a platform to help younger drivers to achieve their goal of driving cars professionally. Thank you for joining us on this journey.


Episode 1

Brief introduction of what the podcast is about. A quick easy listen. We will update here with brief descriptions of our guest and the topic of the podcast. 


Episode 2

Episode 2 was a short episode talking about the importance of being out on track and building confidence. 

Episode 3

Episode 3 is an interview with Jay Braxton of Stilo Helmets USA talking about the importance of buying a good helmet and what to look for. 

Episode 4

We will be talking to Michael Lewis about his career and what it has taken to be racing with Bryan Herta Motorsports in the IMSA TCR class. 

Episode 5

We talked with Shea Holbrook about her career in motorsports and her driving in the W Series. Shea is a great person in the paddock and this was a great conversation. 

Episode 6

Had the pleasure of speaking with Ryan Hall of Possien-Hall Motorsports Development. We talked about racing Global MX-5 Cup and Spec Miata. 

Episode 7

Talked with Scott Webb longtime friend and racer. We discussed his 30+ years of racing in clubs and semi-pro. Also discussed how cameras can help with training and correcting mistakes. check out www.intrinsicproducts.com

Episode 8

Talked with Ernie Becker about transitioning from driving and racing to working in motorsports. Also discussed the common movement from 2 wheels to 4. 

Episode 9

Had a wonderful discussion with Alec Udell. Talked how he started in karts then moved up to racing Mustangs and Camaros before moving up to GT3 Porsches. Alec also discussed his move to racing over in Europe. 

Episode 10

Talked with Jason Hart about starting out racing with dad, moving to working at a race school and the transition into full time racing. Lots of good insight on being on the track. 

Episode 11

Talked with Drake Kemper about running club racing Spec Boxsters with the POC then moving to Mazda Miata MX-5 Cup to IMSA and back to racing in the MX-5 Cup. 

Episode 12

Talked with Jason Hart about starting out racing with dad, moving to working at a race school and the transition into full time racing. Lots of good insight on being on the track. 

Episode 13

Andrew Davis is a true racer. We talk about his career that has expanded for 20yrs. Going from Formula Cars to a unexpected meeting that lead to his sportswear career. Andrew is someone who knows what he has and loves to share his love for the sport. 


Episode 14

Dr. Jacques Dallaire has a very unique place in mortorsports. He works with athletes to help them focus on the right things. As you will learn on this podcast we aren't ever not focused we are just focused on the wrong thing. Very interesting mind thoughts. 


Episode 15

Marc Miller the new 2019 TA2 Trans Am Champion. What a year for Marc racing in the Trans Am Series TA2 and winning the championship before the end of the year. Again another racer with such a love for the industry. 


Episode 16

What can I say about Lawson Aschenbach. This was a fun time. Talking about the early years karting to working through the formula ranks. He has the opportunity to run almost every style of car out there. Has a true passion for the sport and want to just see it thrive. 


Episode 17

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. I just wanted to take this episode to thank eveyone who has been here along the way from all of my wonderful guest and all the amazing listeners that download every episode. I am humbled and appreciate it. 


Episode 18

Had a great time to have the opportunity to speak to Willy T Ribbs. I first was able to meet Willy when I was 7 years old. Talking about his career and how he started and was able to be a pioneer in racing. Thank you willy for your time 


Episode 19

What can I say about Tom Dyer. I have known Tom for a few years now it is always great to have time to talk to him. Hearing Tom's story on his growth and advancement in the ranks of racing. 


Episode 20

Jim Jordan has spent a lot of time around motorsports. From helping start the Mazda ladder system to helping Patrick Dempsey run his POrsche Motorsports team. Now overseeing the TC America Series with SRO America we talk about what it takes to race and how to race in the series. 


Episode 21

Mikel Miller joins me for the first episode of 2020. He was my first Skip Barber instructor when I really started my foray into racing. Talking about his ups and downs of the industry he shares some good insight on his career. 


Episode 22

Long time friend Chip Herr joins me for a chat about racing in World Challenge and now racing in the Dominican Republic. 


Episode 23

Chris Considine started CXC after his racing days ended. Allowed him to continue with motorsports by way of building sims. Just conversation on how sims are used for training drivers.


Episode 23

Dr Ed Potkanowickz talked to us about hydration and the importance keeping our bodies hydrated on track. This is a good one especially for the endurance racers.


Episode 23

This episode I talk about what my fitness goals are and how I plan to follow through with my goal weight.


Episode 25

This is a special episode as we had our first double guest show. Father and son David and Dylan Murry joined the podcast to talk about the growth and how it has been going from racing the greatest races to now watching and working with his son. 


Episode 26

Kenton Koch joined us for our current episode of Uber to the Pits. We talked about how he worked his way up through the ranks winning scholarships turning it into a career. 


Episode 27

Lyn St James is a true pioneer. First woman to qualify for the Indy 500 and same year won the Indy 500 Rookie of the year. We talked her career and women in motorsports. 


Episode 28

Theres a lot of strength use in racing. In this episode I speak to Mitch Sadowsky a strength trainer who works with drivers like Lawson Aschenbach and Oliver Askew. 


Episode 29

This is a brief episode update on what I am doing to get my ass back into shape. 


Episode  30

Courtney Crone joins us to talk about her young career and progression through open wheel series on her way to hopefully one day compete in Indy Car.


Episode  31

The head and neck restraint is one of the most important pieces of equipment needed for track use whether it is in the car for a track day event or you are full on racing. 


Episode  32

Our guest for this weeks episode is non other than TK. Tommy Kendall joins me to talk his career and helps give advice for the drivers who want to progress in their driving.


Episode  33

Jeff Westphal joins me for episode 33. We talk about his early years running in the Skip Barber Pro Series to the Red Bull Driver Search. Participating in Time Attack and now is a staple in the GT3 Classes in IMSA and SRO America. 


Episode  34

This weeks episode we are going club racing. We are chatting with Rob Krider about racing in SCCA and NASA and the benefits it holds. BYU the way did you know Rob's race team has their own IPA. Now that's awesome. 


Episode  35

This week I am joined by Eric Foss. We discuss Eric's career through motorsports and how he has become a very respected driver and coach. 

Eric Foss Interview

Episode  36

Ross Thompson joins the Uber to the Pits Podcast this week. We talk about his early days and he he turned it into a career and now coaching and having the ability to drive some of the most iconic cars in racing history. 

Ross Thompson Interview

Episode  37

I have a special guest this episode. I am joined by CJ Wilson. We talk baseball, racing and he gives some wonderful insight on the B2B of working with sponsors in racing. 

CJ Wilson Interview

Episode  38

I talk to Ron Goodman a vintage racer and a friend of mine who is based out of Austalia. We discuss Australian motorsports as well has his foray into racing. Ron and his crew are the nicest people and we have always had a good time when we are together

Ron Goodman Interview

Episode  39

Had a wonderful time talking to Craig about his career how he got started and has made it an actual career in motorsports. Great insight into his journey and now him passing his knowledge onto others.

Craig Stanton Interview

Episode  40

Had a wonderful conversation with Mason Filippi the co-driver of the #98 Bryan Herta Autosport Hyundai Veloster N. We go over how he started and his lover of motorsports and what he has done to progress his career.

Mason Filippi Interview

Episode  41

Had a wonderful conversation with Lamborghini Junior Driver Patrick Liddy. We talked about how he was introduced to motorsports and his progression in to driving as a professsional. 

Patrick Liddy Interview

Episode  42

Sean is the 2020 SRO GT4 SprintX Champion. Sean gives great insight into his career and how he is successful with obtaining sponsorships. I always enjoying talking with Sean. He has a great passion for the sport and the industry. 

Sean Gibbons Interview


Christopher Emery


With race seats being an expensive venture I wanted to find a new way to earn my way to pay for my seat. After being out of the seat for the last 7 years I am at a point to get back to the pits. With a strong passion for motorsports I look to expand my passion into a new full time career. I look forward to using my new platform to get back into the drivers seat. If you have any questions or comments please contact me at chris@ubertothepits.com.


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Our sponsors are important. If it wasn't for our sponsors it wouldn't be possible to get back into racing. They are just as important part of the team as any other person. Please check out our partners page and visit to show them love. If you are interested in possibly being a potential partner/sponsor please email us at info@ubertothepits.com